Recent Activities - Battle of Brandywine

     The Battle of Brandywine, on September 11, 1777, is very important to the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, in that it was the first battle of the Revolution we participated in as a complete regiment.  In true 11th form, we managed to take heavy losses, foreshadowing what the future had in store for our unit.

     This year's reenactment was only a one day affair and, even with the heavy rains that fell that morning, the crowds were undaunted and plenty of reenactors showed up to give the public a good show.




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Grand panoramic of the rolling hills of Chadds Ford

Matt & Stephan go a sutlerin

Donna, with the "new" Chuck, shows off his Ferguson

Nice bayonet ... we think he's trying to compensate for something !

The closest we want to get to a Hessian

The gang gathers for a unit meeting

John prepares for the upcoming battle

It's nice to see Gordon drumming again

The 11th guards the rear ... as always

A sight the British never gets to see - our rear

Way too many smiles for heading into battle

Forces engage the British

The 11th is on the far right

Units held in reserve until needed

The line disappears in the smoke as they fire

General Washington surveys the battle

John gets new sergeant stripes


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