In Memoriam

Doretta (Dori) A. McMunn


Dori McMunn - November 12, 2000

September 30, 1952 - March 4, 2001

     Every once in a while you are fortunate enough to meet people who are so special, they touch your lives and the experience stays with your forever.  Dori was one of those people, a human dynamo who was always charging off to her next project.  She was hard to pin down for a really good picture, as testified by these few meager shots we have of her.

     Dori had battled cancer in different forms for many years, but the treatment for her most current ailment would not release her from it's grip, and it quickly took over her body.  The only good that can be said is that the cancer progressed so rapidly that the end came relatively quickly, and she was spared an extended and painful death.  She passed away early Sunday morning, March 4, 2001.  To say she will be missed is an understatement.

     As the Executive Director of Fort Mifflin on the Delaware, she often faced the constantly uphill battle of getting funds to keep the restoration of the fort going.  Whenever our unit asked for the use of the fort during the winter months for our unit meetings, she was always more than willing to give us the keys to the fort.  Siege Weekend and Freedom Blast were just two of the countless reenactments she coordinated throughout a typical year.  Several members of our unit were also fortunate to participate in Fright Fest, their annual Halloween festivities.

     Given the current political climate of the city of Philadelphia, and it's lack of interest in historical sites, only time will tell as to the fate of Fort Mifflin.  We grieve, not only for our lost friend, but for her family members and those who worked the fort with her ... Maryetta, Diane, Matt, Linda, Lisa, Todd, Lee, Gene, Bill and Wayne.  The reenactment community has lost a great champion for the historical education of the public, and we greatly mourn her loss.

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Photos of Dori in happier times

Dori and Don

Fright Fest 1999

Dori gets a laugh

Fright Fest 1999

Dori thanks everyone

Fright Fest 1999

Matt, Dori & Linda

Mifflin Siege 2000

Photos from the Memorial Service - March 10, 2001

Photo collage of Dori pictures

A wonderful feast for all attending

Donah and Isabel

Lee, Bill & Matt

The memorial service

Confederate colonel Don Johnson

Don & Bill

The group with former mayor

(now Governor)

Ed Rendell

" Please, no autographs "

Kay, always the performer

Donah and Bill

The memorial was officially dedicated November 10, 2002

Dori looks right at the fort, as she saw it every day

The text or Dori's Memorial

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