Significant Past Events - Easton, Pennsylvania 2001

The Easton Flag

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The Easton Flag

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     Easton, Pennsylvania, was the site of the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence, on July 8, 1776.  It was only one of three such colonial cities that had a public reading of the Declaration, a distinction they are very proud of.


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That's New Jersey on the other side

Grand panoramic of the Delaware River - Easton, Pennsylvania

Damian ... in the middle - J.B. (24th CT) on the right

The man of the hour

Gene on the left

Some members of the 24th CT & Proctor's Artillery

James actually got in FRONT of the camera

Part of the gang

Even the churches display the Easton Flag

Town Square in the background

The town crier rounding people to the square

Rex is always the diplomat

Chatting with the public

(new) James, Gene, Sean, Mitch, Bill S., Rex, Bill T., public, Jerry, more public

The whole gang (minus James, again)

Proctors artillery is the center of attention

Standing guard (aka crowd control)

The reading of the Declaration

The cannon is being loaded

Another establishment shows off the flag

firing demonstrations at the river

Rex and Bill show the public how the muskets fire

Jerry already looks like he's had too many ... and it was his first one

Libations are enjoyed at a local pub

Our picture in the Burlington County Times

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