Significant Past Events - Fort Frederick Market Days 2002

     Every year, historic Fort Frederick, in Maryland, hosts their annual Market Days, one of the largest sutlering events on the East Coast.  Here you can walk row after row of 18th Century stores, a literal mall of goodies for the reenactor.  It's very easy to spend thousands of dollars here, and still want more.  If you're in the market for anything period, this is the place to get it.

     This year's event was held between torrential rain storms.  The clouds cleared from the sky Thursday afternoon, leaving Friday and Saturday wonderfully beautiful.  The rain rolled in again Saturday evening, and the deluge did not stop, turning the entire area into a flooded mud hill by Sunday, when everyone tried to leave at once.  Add tornado warnings to the mix and it made for an exciting last day.


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Aerial View of Fort Frederick by

Ava Francesca

Close-up of the unit camp area

Grand Panoramic of the camp

- from the ground -

Terry, Randy, Kristy, Charles, Sean, David

Same faces, new year

Kristy as Mad Anne and James' new hunting frock

The gang is ready to go a sutlerin'

Mom still dresses her little girl

Aren't they a cute couple?

Wayne and Marge without the boys

Charles and Donah do some power shopping

Charles shows off his Ferguson Rifle

Mitch sports his new F&I regimental

Bill makes sure he doesn't turn into a "dandy"

Hey Terry, where did you get that wall paper

Nice smile, Randy

Stoking the fire

Bill, Laura and Jen get caught up on their gossip

Chuck, Donah, Kate, Charles and Randy

Everybody gathers under the fly as the rain gets heavier

Terry, Bill and Russ

Bill helps himself to another cookie

Proof that Little Red Riding Hood came from the 18th century

Good food, good drink, good conversation

Learn more about Fort Frederick from the Fort Frederick State Park website

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