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     The 11th Pennsylvania Regiment is a Philadelphia based reenactment unit dedicated to the preservation of history and the accurate interpretation of the military and civilian roles of men, women and children in 18th Century America for the education of the general public.  We welcome all individuals who share a serious interest in 18th Century folk life.  CLICK HERE to learn about joining our unit.

     The original "Old" 11th Pennsylvania Regiment was created on October 25, 1776, and served in many battles during the American War for Independence between 1776 and 1778.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our unit's history.

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Charging the Chew House


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Remembering those who lost their lives on 9-11-2001


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The HOME page The HOME Page (You're on it).  This site has over 100 separate pages and over 1,200 images (58 Mb) for your viewing and historical research pleasure.
History Read the history of the "Old" 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, what battles they participated in and what became of the unit.  Also see a master timeline for the Revolutionary War.
Upcoming Events

Take a look at which events we are headed to next, so you can join us on the battlefield.

Recent Activities

Take a peek at what we've been doing this year, and a hint at what camp life is like. We have over 1,200 pictures on this website, all of which are fully downloadable.

How do I join

Interested in joining our unit?  This page will answer most of your questions about the reenacting hobby, and what it takes to be a member of our unit.


So you think you want to become a Revolutionary War soldier (or camp follower, or Woman of the Regiment)?  Do you have what it takes?  Learn about 18th Century life, including military uniforms and accoutrements, women's clothing, artillery, money, music, period food, various trades, and the state-of-the-art in the world of medicine.

How To

This page is a new addition to our site.  It give new visitors and seasoned reenactors a place to go to post little tid-bits on how to make or do certain things in our hobby.  We hope you enjoy this addition.


Can't get enough of history and want to find out more about 18th Century life? Here are a number of websites to whet your appetite.

What's New Takes you directly to the most recent updates to the site.
Coming up next Takes you to the event information page for the next upcoming unit event.


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