Welcome to our Lifestyles section.  Here you will find a variety of specific information about a particular aspect of 18th century life.  Some pages are just taking shape, as others are fully developed.  Check back from time to time and see what we've changed and improved.



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Men's clothing and accoutrements As a soldier in the Continental Army, you will need a uniform, weapon, and a variety of accoutrements.  Take a look and see what you will need.
Women's clothing Our unit needs more people!  Not just men carrying muskets, but women as well.  As a camp follower, or Woman of the Regiment, take a look here to see what you will need to keep the home fires burning.
Weapons of the American Revolution There were many weapons used during the course of the American Revolution.  Look here to see some of the more common types used by both sides during the conflict.

Artillery - BIG Bangs here

The battlefield tactics used by artillery in the 18th Century was much different than it is today.  Take a look at what serving on an artillery crew was like.

18th Century Religion

Religion was an extremely important aspect of early American life.  Many foreigners came to these shores to enjoy the religious freedom they were denied in their home country.  Take a look at how religion shaped 18th century life.

Society of 18th Century Gentlemen

Refined gentlemen of the 18th Century engaged in a variety of sportsmanlike activities to foster community and camaraderie.  Many of these sports included fowling, angling, shooting, and fencing.  It also provided for other social activities that included proper clothing, food and drink.  As some of our members have started a "Gentleman's Society", we have expanded our website to include it.

Trades and professions

Many of us today take for granted the quick and easy availability of supplies and goods.  But in the 18th century there were no K-Marts or grocery stores.  The manufacturing of domestic colonial goods fell on those artisans who spent their entire life learning and perfecting their trade.  Take a look now at a small cross section of trades and professions that existed during the Revolutionary War time period. 


Take the trades listed above and put them into a dedicated group of military personnel to support General Washington's forces.  Artificers are that group of professional tradesmen that followed the Army to provide much needed services.  These included blacksmiths, tinsmiths, leather workers, carpenters, ferriers, colliers, harness makers, tailors and bakers.


Music is the spice and variety that made 18th Century life more bearable.  Come take a look at the Carroll Family, the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment's own musicians.


An army may fight with it's weapons, but it needs food to remain alive and live to see that next battle.  Take a look at a variety of 18th Century recipes.

Visit our linked site to the Mumbling Manxman Tavern, designed to educate the public on the importance taverns played in 18th Century America.


Curious to see what colonial currency looked like?  Visit The Coins of Colonial and Early America, a linked site to the University of Notre Dame, by Luis Jordan.


The 18th Century was a mix of diseases and sickness, not to mention the need to tend to those wounded on the battlefield.  We are always in need of 'new blood,' so to speak, and a well trained apothecary is worth his/her own weight in licorice.  Our skilled surgeon is always looking for those wishing to become indentured to learn the trade.  This is a linked site to our neighbors, the 1st New Jersey Regiment.

To effectively manage an Army on the field of battle, you needed to have command of the terrain and roads, and know all its hazards and pitfalls.  Visit this linked site to see how a small, dedicated group of professionals provided the survey and skills necessary to make the maps used by generals on the field of battle.


You ask yourself, why do canteens get a whole page to themselves?  Click here to find out ... and prepare to be impressed.

The lighter side of things

Not all of the 18th Century was serious doom and gloom.  Take a look at the lighter side of the revolutionary war and reenacting.


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