Significant Past Events - Old Mill Village 2005

     This event has quickly become one of our unit's favorites.  Although it is small, it gets us together with close friends in a pristine location, away from most modern distractions.  Once again we enjoyed ourselves tremendously, and the hospitality extended to us by Selin's Independent Rifle Company and the 24th Connecticut Regiment was nothing short of superb.  It is a pleasure to be invited to share in their camp, as they are welcome with us anytime.  The area around Old Mill Village is picturesque and serene ... talk about your magic moments, climbing into the woods to stage an old fashioned F&I ambush was just surrounded by sights, sounds and smells of the 18th Century.


* * * N O T I C E   * * *

Old Mill Village was severely damaged by flooding in June of 2006.  It may be a long time before the site is completely restored.  CLICK HERE to see pictures of the damage.




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Jeff gets ready to march the troops to the field

Matt, always with his kids

Jeff is in command

Mary Anne makes new baskets

A damsel is carried off by a Dragoon

The Continentals come to her aid

Fire away

The artillery joins in

CHARLES is down

Chuck's first battle death ... BRAVO !!!

Chuck and David are hit as well

" ... actually, I'm feeling much better."

" I'm not really dead yet "

David and Chuck have a miraculous recovery

From another East India shipment of British goods

New camp furniture

The big ... and small ... guns

Orpah?  Charles ... is there something you want to tell us?

RIP good fella's

Chuck is NOT a small dude

John and Chuck

Everyone admires a BIG gun

The kids get their clothes dirty

Lobbing tennis balls for the kids to catch

The Coehorn makes for great catching

A full HALF POUND of cannon powder

This was the biggest bang we ever heard

Nice smoke cloud

The boys enjoy the evening fire

Movie Magic Bonus

893 Kb

This is a BIG cannon

(You just can't appreciate

the HUGE bang this makes)

1.3 Mb

Playing catch with the kids

(Using tennis balls - not iron)

764 Kb

Playing catch - from

another view

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