So you want to join his excellency, General George Washington, and his Continental troops as they fight the tyrannical British? Once you've signed your name on the drumhead, there are a few items you will need to be effective on the battlefield. While our unit has a few items to tide you over while getting your own uniform and accoutrements together, here is a general laundry list of goodies you will need to successfully engage the enemy. You can visit the web sites on our links page to get an idea of what things will cost.



Regimental Overcoat - The heavy wool coat. Ours is blue with scarlet cuffs and lapels. 
Hunting Frock - For when it's too hot for the Regimental. 
Cocked Hat - The signature hat of the Continental Soldier. 
Waistcoat - The vest you wear under the coat / frock. 
Shirt - White cotton to keep you comfortable. 
Stock - 18th century neck tie. 
Breeches - Knee length pants. 
Stockings - Covers the legs between the shoes and breeches. 
Half Gaiters - Protects the lower legs in heavy brush. 
Shoes - 18th century buckled. 

Weaponry / Accoutrements:

Flintlock Musket - This would undoubtedly be one of your most expensive acquisitions, but necessary if you are going into battle. The British Brown Bess and the French Charleville are the two most popular models. 
Bayonet - For when you run out of powder ... run 'em through. 
Tomahawk - Cuts through wood and the enemy. 
Scabbard - 'Double frogged' sling to hold the bayonet and tomahawk. 
Cartridge Box - Holds prepared charges of powder. 
Canteen - Wooden, a must on those hot days. 
Musket Tool - Multipurpose screwdriver for changing flints and performing in-field maintenance. 
Spare Flints - You can't fire a musket if you don't have extra when needed. 
Wooden Flints - For drills and practice ... extra safety and keeps the frizzen from wearing down. 
Hammer Stall - A protective leather thong that goes over the frizzen, preventing a spark from accidentally firing the musket (required safety item). 
Flash Guard - Keeps the hot vent flame of the musket's touch hole from charring your fellow comrades (required safety item). 
Haversack - Generic sack that carries eating utensils, rations and whatever goodies you carry with you into the field. 
Firestarter Kit - A kit containing flint, a steel striker, charcloth and tow. What is a match? 

Miscellaneous Goodies:

Tent - Protection for your body and equipment on those cold, wet nights. 
Cooking / Eating Utensils - It is nice to be able to cook and eat the food you bring. 
Stool - Always handy to sit down in camp. 

Note: Although many of these items would not be needed for a single day's event (such as a tent), all are quite handy and used during our weekend long engagements.