Here are a few other websites that may be of interest to the Revolutionary War enthusiast. Please note that these sites are provided for your enjoyment only, and none are endorsed by the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, the Continental Line, or anyone affiliated with these units (that means we don't work for anyone listed here, and we don't get any kickbacks). 

- Please note the links on this page are for your archival viewing pleasure only, and are not active - 



Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. :  An excellent source of period items of all sorts.

G. Gedney Godwin : If they don't have it, it can't be gotten.

Rev War : This site links you to the 18th Century through the world of reenacting. It includes schedules and various other activities, including a classified section ... hmmm anyone need a Brown Bess flintlock?

Davide Pedersoli & Co. : These people know how to make quality recreation firearms. They make the famed Brown Bess flintlock muskets carried by many in our unit.
The History Channel : Locate all those documentaries on your favorite TV channel.
The name speaks for itself. Locate all your historical document needs here. This is THE place to go for books.
Weather Channel : Before you head out for your next Rev War event, make sure Mother Nature is going to be agreeable.
Welcome to the Wild West Show : Although this site has a "Western" flair, Tom Knowles and I are friends, and he put our web site on his so we are showing a little quid pro quo. He writes excellent books if you are looking for Western history (yes, I own a couple and have read them).
Steen Cannons : Although they specialize in Civil War era products, what front yard of your summer mansion would be complete without your own solid bronze cannon? These are the real thing and, at $27,800 a copy, had better be.