Here are a few photos taken during unit events. There are so many aspects of camp life we would like to share with you, but our space is limited and the true feeling can only be gained through the experience; the smell of the campfire, the taste of that freshly cooked game, and the sharing of friendship, laughter and camaraderie. We hope you are intrigued enough looking though this site to join us at one of our events.



Bill and Mitch show off their summer duds at Boone's Homestead.


Wedge tents are the most common used by the members of the unit.

It was a cold day at Washington's Crossing. Bill and Randy start a fire to keep everyone warm. Everyone learns the skill of starting a fire with flint and steel.


Two of our loyal members. 
Can you tell which one wears the insignia of


This is Will, our youngest member, who happens to be the son of our beloved President.


Three of our beautiful Ladies of the Regiment. Yes, the one in the middle is graced by a beautiful dragoon flintlock.

Terry epitomizes the well-equipped soldier with his splendid hunting frock and beautifully finished Brown Bess.


If there is one thing we know how to do, it's put out a bountiful spread of food. No one ever goes home hungry. Donah, Bill, Randy and Jen chow down on lunch.