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  We take pride in making our website have as much of an 18th Century feel as possible (sans the obvious existence of photographs, television, electricity, computers, the internet ... well, you get the idea).

   The background on all of our pages was reproduced from a copy of the original Encyclopaedia Britannica, published in 1768.  It includes the existence of 'foxing,' which are the light brown spots that occur naturally on the pages of old books as the result of bacterial action.

   The fonts used on this site for titles and text are ones used during the 18th Century, reproduced here using shareware fonts.  The main body of text uses a font called Caslon, which was the standard throughout America and England for many years.  To get the full effect of these pages, we suggest you download the shareware fonts we use by clicking on the notice at the top of this paragraph block.

   If you want to be completely true to history, however, there are several websites where you can purchase actual fonts used during the 18th Century, and several other time periods.  An example of what these fonts looks like are ...

   One website we found that has an excellent selection of type faces from a variety of time periods is  .  Their selection goes as far back as the first millennium, and they print nicely for that period look you are seeking on your period documents.

Walden Font - Minuteman Printshop

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