Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin is THE PATRIOT


   How many people can say they were part of an epic film like The Patriot?  Well, okay, beside those thousand or so reenactors and extra's hired by the studio, we were fortunate to include three from our own unit ... plus Brian (who normally does WWII reenacting).  Filming was supposed to be completed before Thanksgiving 1999, but when filming went over schedule, the call went out to all reenacting units that people were still needed for the shooting.  A few of us managed to get time off from our 20th century commitments.  Early December was getting pretty cold as we spent a week on the set filming the latter portion of the Battle of Cowpens.  The result is the pictures below.

   After all the computer magic of post-production was completed, several of us were given the opportunity to attend the prescreening in Philadelphia on June 21, 2000, at the United Artists Riverview theater, as invited guests of Sony/Columbia studios.  It was everything we had been expecting, and more.  Although there are the inevitable historic inaccuracies, most were very pleased with it.  When it hit the theaters in force the next week, we had a display table and demonstration set up at the Regal Cinema theaters in Burlington, NJ, for three days - June 28-30.

   Our photo section shows you ALL the pictures shot on-location in South Carolina last November/December.  Yes ... we even have a few pictures of MEL (the pictures framed in yellow).  Pictures 26-47 belonged to another site, but it is no longer active.  We included them here because we thought them interesting enough to replay.  Enjoy.


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- - - ON LOCATION - ROCK HILL, SC, NOV - DEC 1999 - - -


Gordon is ready for his first day on-set

Bombs go off as filming takes place

Getting ready - cameras in the background

Yes, we roughed it in tents

After a hard days work, it's time for a hot supper

Ready for action?  Note the camera on the boom at the top right

Blue & red mingling together ... tell me it isn't so

What happened to that musket?

What happens when you get carried away

James with a stuffed stunt-horse

Mel wears brown vest & white sleeves

Mel prepares to shoot the "Grab the flag" scene

Mel wears brown vest & white sleeves

ROLLING ... Mel charges through a dust bomb

A burned out structure ... with modern machinery

Peat Moss and flour make a nice looking explosion

The "Alamo" structure - Harry Wo, armorer on right

Our man Gordon carries the Kings Colors

The line of British soldiers that Mel crushes

Actor Tcheky Karyo in beige coat on left

Preparing for another shoot

Even modern day soldiers need food and medical care

Played by actor Tcheky Karyo

James poses with Major Jean Villeneuve

Gordon poses with proud mother, Donah

Gordon and James finished with makeup, ready to go

James poses on steps of "Alamo"

Ed Woodlands - 6th PA in background

What happens when you get carried away with a rubber bayonet

Say, he does look like Mel, doesn't he?

Stunt double Lance maneuvers through the "Alamo" rubble

Mel wears brown vest & white sleeves

Roland Emmerich outlines the scene to everyone ... Mel included

The peaceful back porch of the Martin household ...

Note the fire truck to keep things under control

... then it gets torched by those confounded, nasty ole' British

Cannons protected from the early morning dew

So that's how they got that cannon-ball-to-the-head shot

Lots of fake snow for the Valley Forge scene

... with a little fog for good measure

Can you tell which one is Donah?


- - - PRESCREENING - JUNE 21, 2000 - - -


Donah, Gordon, Brian, Ed and James

Right AFTER seeing the movie (for the first time)

Brian, Gordon, Ed, Donah and James

Posing with the huge standup in the lobby


- - - PREMIER - JUNE 28, 2000 - - -


PATRIOT in lower left corner

Regal Cinema, Burlington, NJ

The main lobby, Mel on the screen

Where's James?

Our little corner of the theater

There's James

James man's the display

A nice display of goodies

Geez, Mister ... is that a REAL gun?

The other side

Note the toy soldier

Bullet making goodies

Haversack goodies



Answers to the question ... where were you in the film?


Hidden during the second assault

of the Battle of Cowpens


Playing dead behind a horse

as Mel grabs the flag


Holding the Kings Colors

This is what Rave Central has to say

Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin is THE PATRIOT

Photo complements of The Patriot's Official Website


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