Significant Past Events - Whitpain 2005

     There isn't much to be said about this event - we came, we saw, we got rained out.  We sympathize with the event coordinators and all those who had labored so hard and put forth so much money, only to have the remnants of Hurricane Tammy deluge the area with record rainfalls that went into the history books.  Many arrived on Friday in hopes that the forecasts wouldn't be that bad, only to have the event officially cancelled Saturday afternoon, then have to pack everything up in driving rains.  We can only hope the next Whitpain event is as grand as ...

~~~ 2001 ~~~

     There are very few events that are staged on a truly grand scale.  Whitpain was one of those events, slated to be one of the largest reenactments of the 2001 reenacting year.  The event ended a year long celebration of the 300th anniversary of Whitpain Township (founded 1701).  Over 700 reenactors and countless spectators crowded into Prophecy Park in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.

     Two massive battles were staged utilizing American, British, French and German troops, along with large numbers of artillery and dragoons.  Fortifications had been constructed to be defended, and the fort bristled with cannon barrels.  Most reenactments consist of battles lasting 30-45 minutes, but each of these battles lasted over an hour and a half, and consumed hundreds of pounds of black powder.  The continuous hammering of the cannonade gave the sights and sounds similar to what an actual Revolutionary War battle would have been like.

     The fortifications made for the event were named Fort Goode, for fellow reenactor Mike Goode.  Unfortunately, Mike passed away a few days after the event, having finally succumbed to cancer that he had battled for so many years.


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~~~ 2005 ~~~

No people - just wet and rain

Charles and Ninja aren't happy reenactors

Lots of wet and mud, but no people

We thank Bill S. for bravely facing the wet elements to provide the pictures of this momentous event

~~~ 2001 ~~~

At night they all look alike

Welcome to Main Street ... Whitpain style

Al and Lauren show the camp to Grandpa

Donah and Kristy showing a change of habit

Debut of our new nuns, straight from France

Wayne, Marge and David, eager to get into the heat of battle

W H E R E ' S   L A U R E N ? ! ? ! ? !

Long lost members Terry and Jen return to the 11th PA

Bill always manages a smile

During the heat of battle

This is a GREAT action shot

Artillery blasts from the fortifications

'Dead' British litter the field

" Praise the Lord and pass more cartridges "

Wayne and John get their first real taste of battle

Is that LIEUTENANT Mitch in the background?

A rare shot ... James on the other side of the camera

Sue & Ted of Rancocas Merchants

Jeannie and Jen get acquainted

Bill mesmerizes Lauren and Kate with stories of the "Jersey Devil"

Hey, that's Bill, of the 4th Contl Light Dragoons

Doctors demonstrating 18th century medicine

Donah welcomes a visiting Brit into our camp ...

... then convinces him to turn his coat in for a blue one ...

... and is then welcomed into the unit by the commander

Rex drills to keep his edge with the musket

What a cute couple

Kristy and James

Nun and Soldier

How do they KNOW EACH OTHER?

Mrs. Sevon and heroes Mitch and James

The enemy is well in sight

Back in battle ... from inside the fort

The artillery stands firm

This does not bode well

We fire, but the enemy just keeps coming

R U N A W A Y   ! ! !

Too close ... time to evacuate

"Let's MOVE!!!"

A nun's view from behind the battle lines

Lauren makes sure Dad is safe on the field

"Hi Mom ... I'm in a battle"

With 'pointers' to the key players

Grand panoramic of the battle

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