You have got to be asking yourself "What makes canteens so special that they deserve a page all to themselves?"  Well, the answer is very simple: Each canteen in our unit is a reflection of the person who carries it.  To know the canteen of the man next to you, is to know the man.  Each unique with a personality all its own, reflecting its owner, they speak volumes about the soldier ... and the unit.

     The next time you see our unit on the field, try and find these historic pieces hanging at our sides.  See if the canteen you recognize matches the person ... and his personality.


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Property of James B

Wooden - From Sketchbook

Property of Chris H

Wooden - 11th PA

Property of Bud H

Tin - 11th PA

Property of Justin B

Wooden - 11 PA

Property of Wayne A

Wooden - Obverse of Psalm 23:4

Property of Wayne A

Wooden - Psalm 23:4

Property of Bill S

Wooden - Obverse of Isaiah 12:3

Property of Bill S

Wooden - Isaiah 12:3

Property of Charles W

Wooden - 11 P

Property of Michael W

Tin - This is Mine ...

Property of Les F

Tin - Thomas Paine

Property of James B

Common Gourd

Property of Christian K

Barrel Keg

Property of Tony M

Barrel Keg


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