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Unit Documents

Articles of Incorporation - The document which created the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, Inc. (PDF File, 22 Jun 2007)

Unit By-Laws - Primary Governing Document for the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, Inc. (PDF File, 22 Jun 2007)

Policies and Procedures - Items not covered in the Constitution to allow unit flexibility (PDF File, 2 Mar 2013)


Pennsylvania F & I Forts - See what forts may be in your backyard (Chart by Justin)

Campaign Map - For the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment (Chart by Justin)

Documented Uniforms - Of the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment (Chart by Justin)

Pennsylvania Line - Organizational development of the Pennsylvania regiments of the Continental Line

Membership Application Form - Your first step in joining the unit (PDF File)

Private's Test - Required items of instruction before firing black powder in battle (PDF File)

History of 11th PA. - From The Pennsylvania Line by John B. B. Trussell (PDF File)

Historical Documents

Declaration of Independence (Original)

Declaration of Independence (Dunlap version in PDF)

Philadelphia Packet (July 8, 1776) (Dunlap's newspaper printing text of Declaration of Independence for the first time

11th PA. Roster - February 1777

11th PA. Soldier - Drawing by John Mollo

Pennsylvania Soldier - Drawing from  Armies of the American Revolution

Treaty of Paris

Continental Line Documents

Continental Line Organizational Structure

Black Powder Safety Regulations

Miscellaneous Documents

1764 Drill - Manual of Arms (Excellent product from Ballindalloch Press)

History of Field Artillery

Web Fonts - Downloadable fonts used on this website to get the full effect

Cartridge Template - Cut your own paper cartridges to be well prepared on the battlefield

History of 4th Contl Artillery Regt. - From the U. S. Army Center of Military History (PDF File)

Historic Document Links

Timeline of the Revolution from the Library of Congress

Historic Documents of the United States

Research Links

The Library of Congress

Washington Papers (Library of Congress)

Washington Papers (University of Virginia)

The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School (18th Century Documents)



The Private Soldier Under Washington

The Company of Military Historians

Uniforms of the American Revolution

U. S. Army Rank Insignia (1775 - 1783)

Historical Directories of the University of Leicester

Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library (Rare Map Collection)

Online Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies

National Museum of the American Revolution

Coins of Colonial and Early America

The Knox Page - History

Museum Collections of the National Park Service

Pennsylvania State Archives - Rev War Military Abstract Card File Indexes

The U. S. Internet Genealogical Society

Repositories of PRIMARY SOURCES

Music of the Continental Army

Jedediah Dahl's site for Historical Documentations

US GenWeb Archives Revolutionary War Pensions Project

War, Peace and Security WWW Server

The last men of the Revolution

U.S. Field Artillery Association

The American Colonists Library

Online Book - The Continental Army (The Birth of the United States)

History of the buttons of the 4th Pennsylvania Infantry Battalion

Uniforms of Loyalist Units in the Americas

Soldiers in King Phillip's War

History of Clay Pipes

Spy Letters of the American Revolution

British Battles ... evaluating battled from the BRITISH perspective

Reenacting Clothing Guidelines

18th Century New England Life

18th Century New England Men's Clothing Guidelines

18th Century New England Women's Clothing Guidelines

Recommended Books / Reading

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