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     The reasons one gets into reenacting are as many and varied as the number of reenactors themselves.  Most of us do it because of our love of history, this time period and the Revolution in particular.  There isn't a reenactor alive, however, that doesn't secretly wish he (or she) might catch themselves on a TV documentary, or get their smiling face on the "big screen" in a production like The Patriot.  Many of us (admittedly) stopped long ago actually watching the History Channel, Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel to learn history as much as we look for the inaccuracies in the show, or to look for familiar faces amongst those on the screen.  It is for them that this page is dedicated.

     Some members of the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment have been fortunate enough to find themselves, not only featured in a documentary, but on the cover of the feature as well.  Below you will find some examples.

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     The 1994 History Channel six tape video series on the American Revolution featured our very own Chuck, spread not only across all six segments of the series box ends, but still found his dirty mug on the back panel as well.  He shares the scene with his favorite first model Brown Bess.  Boy was he a lot younger then.

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Coming Soon - Gordon as drummer on the Battle of Brandywine Documentary


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