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To see an example of the above, see how they appeared according to the 1786 regulations

in the image below.  Aside from the shift in base color from silver to gold,

the rank markings are unchanged from the 1779 regulations.


a. Menstre de camp commandant (Camp commander/Colonel)

b. Mestre de camp en seconde (2nd Camp commander/Colonel)

c. Menstre de camp la suite (lieutenant-colonel would have only the one epaulette)

d. Major

e. Capitaine commandant (Captain) (from here you add a right epaulette with no fringe to each)

f. Capitaine en seconde (Captain in second)

g. Capitaine de remplacement (acting Captain)

h. Lieutenant en premier (1st Lieutenant)

i. Lieutenant en seconde (Lieutenant in second)

j. Sous-lieutenant (2nd Lieutenant)

k. Sous-lieutenant de replacement (acting 2nd Lieutenant)

l. Porte-drapeau (Ensign)

m. Adjutant sous-officier (Adjutant warrant officer)

n. Soldat gentilhomme (same worn on both shoulders)