Significant Past Events - Fort Niagara, 

Celebrating the King's Birthday - 2003

     It seems that, lately, the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment has played Loyalist more than Continental.  This was the case at Fort Niagara, New York as the Bucks County Volunteer Militia took the King's Shilling to celebrate his majesty's birthday.  Although far north and west of where our activities normally take us, we could not pass up the opportunity to visit such a historic fort.  Seven of our unit left the soggy Philadelphia region to make the trek to upstate (and very west) New York.

     We apologize for the small number of pictures ... ya gotta hate it when your 21st century battery dies on your camera in the middle of a battle.


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Can you find Kristy and Charles?

Grand panoramic of the fort ... castle in background with Lake Ontario behind

The 11th PA/Buck County Militia Campsite

Aerial view of the fort

From their winter post card set

Strip of land at top left is Canada

Mouth of Niagara River into Lake Ontario

The first building - built in 1727

Kristy goes to check out the castle

The well in the castle (still has water)

The officer's dining hall

The commander's quarters

Mitch, Kristy and David with Ed

Charles and Justin

Justin with North Redoubt as backdrop

Our campsite beyond the wall

David explores the Casemate Gallery

Sean - Justin - James - Charles

The traditional pose

South Redoubt in background

Kristy gets artsy

Mitch - Justin - James - Charles - Sean - David

Another 'traditional' shot

David joins the drill for the first time

Extending and advancing

... while under French control

Diorama of the fort in the 1700s

Mitch barks commands during the Saturday battle

Forces take the North Redoubt while the Crown forces are out

A young drummer marches to his own drum

Rules of the Inn at the Fyfe and Drum

Door sign at the

Fyfe & Drum

Learn more about Fort Niagara from the Old Fort Niagara website

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