Recent Activities - Paoli Parade

     Shortly after midnight, in the pre-dawn hours of September 21, 1777, British forces, under the command of Major General Chares Grey, snuck up on and infiltrated the American forces of Brigadier General "Mad" Anthony Wayne camped at Paoli, Pennsylvania.  With muskets unloaded they surprised the slumbering American troops with a savage bayonet attack.  Numbers varied wildly between both sides as to the exact number of casualties, but Wayne counted 150 bodies so mangled that local residents dubbed the encounter the Paoli Massacre*.  53 of those bodies are interred on the grounds of Paoli.  Historically, the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment took some of the heaviest casualties of the raid, and we can safely assume several members of the very unit we emulate are among those interred.  Although several other units participated in the town's memorial commemoration this past first weekend in June, it has a profoundly deep meaning for the members of our unit ... the blood of our brothers was shed here, and it is for them we return to this place to honor them.

     A book entitled The Battle of Paoli, by Thomas J. McGuire, was released in 1999.  It has an extensive appendix which includes all information available for each unit.  The 11th Pennsylvania Regiment is listed, with 5 casualties: 3 wounded, 1 missing and 1 taken prisoner.  This would seem to contradict the above paragraph, proving that there is still controversy over this battle.

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* From The Complete Idiots Guide to the American Revolution, Alan Axelrod, Ph.D., page 216