Recent Activities - Mount Vernon, Virginia

     We recently had the opportunity to RETURN to Mount Vernon for the first time since October of 1999.  Of our "original" band of visitors, only James, Randy and Josephine have made BOTH treks.


~~~~~ VISIT OF OCTOBER, 1999 ~~~~~

     Very few times in history have reenactors had the opportunity to encamp on the grounds of our glorious Revolutionary leader and first President -- George Washington.  One such time was the weekend of October 16-17, 1999.  Reenactors came from all over the U. S., and a grand parade was had on both days, including a mass volley of almost a thousand muskets in tribute to his excellency.  It was a magical weekend, and one we will not soon forget.


~~~~~ RETURN OF SEPTEMBER 2007 ~~~~~

     To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Continental Line, no ordinary site would do.  The folks at Mount Vernon, Virginia, again opened their doors (and fields) to allow us an extraordinary weekend to celebrate our anniversary.  The face of the unit has changed much since our first visit eight years prior, yet the spirit of the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment remains strong and proud.


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1999 Grand Map of the Encampment

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