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     This was our first return to Daniel Boone's Homestead since 1999.  Billed as the year's BIG THREE event (hosted by Continental Line, British Brigade and Brigade of the American Revolution), it was the one event that was placed on everyone's calendar.  Unfortunately, another host came along that did NOT help things out ... Mother Nature.  Rain and wet weather had threatened to overshadow us for a full week ahead of the kickoff, but everyone tried to keep up a hopeful outlook.  It rained right up through Friday evening, making setup a real mess.  A hoarding of straw by some early arriving units left the remainder of us with very little to make the messy muck manageable.  After Sunday's tear-down we found several British units had used entire bails of straw to make camp furniture.  For SHAME ... you know who you are.

     Saturday's events went off as scheduled, made a bit more challenging because shoes kept getting pulled off your feet as you walked.  It became a standard joke for subsequent events as someone would look at your reddish-brown shoes, or stained canvas, and say "You were at Boone's, weren't you?"  Although the event was cut short shortly after noon on Sunday as yet another downpour had started and the event officially canceled,  it did go down in the history books as an event no one will soon forget, much like the trek to Quebec in 2004.  Packing wet canvas is the bane of any reeanctor, and we merely pulled the QM trailer up to the soggy site and threw the dripping canvas into the rig.  It took a LONG time for the canvas to dry (once laid out in the returning sun), and even longer for the trailer to dry out.  It also sparked the concept of upgrading our camp fly table, the centerpiece of activity at most of our events.

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