Recent Activities - An Evening with David McCullough

     Several members of the unit dressed out to show their support for the Chester County Reads, hosted at Immaculata University on October 19, 2007. Chuck, Sean, Justin, Tim, Christian, and James all attended to provide color to the event. As a bonus, we all received autographed copies of his recent work, 1776: The Illustrated Edition.

     During his wonderful presentation, he announced the production of the HBO mini-series based on his book, JOHN ADAMS. We were all thrilled that such a project was being undertaken, with the talented efforts of Tom Hanks as executive producer. Being huge fans of his work on the Band of Brothers, we knew his attention to detail and great adherence to authenticity would lend itself well to bring our favorite time period to life.

The new epic mini-series on HBO by Pulitzer prize-winning author David McCullough

     Once his talk was over, we all got inline to get our copy of the book autographed. THAT makes a fine edition to any historians collection. Once the evening's work was complete, it was off the Malvern's Flying Pig for victuals and adult beverages.

     This illustrated book is a research repository for the previously published text. It is filled with vellum envelopes containing faithful reproductions of various historic documents David McCullough used to gather information for his book, such as Dunlap's July 8, 1776 copy of the Philadelphia Packet, which published the text of the Declaration of Independence for the first time. Also included are maps, letters of George Washington, and John & Abigail Adams.

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