While the majority of those in our unit portray a generic impression of a soldier, camp follower, militiaman or civilian, there are many people both in and out of our unit who portray actual historic figures.  This is one who was documented to have lived in the time period, and participated in the events in which we reenact.  While their actions may or may not have participated in a specific event at a specific location, their presence is representative of their participation in the Revolution.

General George Washington - Portrayed by reenactor Carl Closs

"Mad" Anne Bailey - Pioneer heroine of the Kanawha Valley

Edward "Ned" Hector - Portrayed by reenactor Noah Lewis

Molly Pitcher - Portrayed by reenactor Stacy Roth

Molly Pitcher - The official story by the U.S.F.A.A.

General George Washington - Portrayed by actor Dean Malissa

FACES - Members of our unit who have found their faces on historical products


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