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Fort Mifflin -  Flooded by

Hurricane Isabel

     On September 18, 2003, Hurricane Isabel hit the coast of North Carolina.  Although this was a relatively weak hurricane by categorized standards, it covered many thousands of square miles.  Even though Isabel had downgraded to a tropical storm, its path took the edges of the storm over the greater Philadelphia area.  Fort Mifflin lies in the flood plane of the Delaware River, protected only by a dilapidated seawall.  As the storm surge hit, the seawall and gates protecting the fort gave way, filling the ground with millions of gallons of water.  The iron sluice gate (a one-way flapper door that lets water flow out but closes to keep water from returning) was shattered during the storm.  River water was now free to flow in and out with the tide of the river.

     Fort Mifflin is now in great need of YOUR support.  The sluice gate has been repaired and the flood waters pumped out, but water damage to the grounds and buildings (especially the floors of the 200 year old Officer's Barracks) is extensive.  The fort is in need of funds to do repair work that can not be done by volunteer work but, to a greater extent, the fort greatly needs volunteers to donate their time to clean up the fort.  Due to the superb efforts of the caretaker, Wayne, most of the doors, fixtures and many of the fort's irreplaceable treasures on the lower floors were safely moved upstairs prior to the storm arriving.

   Please contact the fort and show them your support, either by pledging your time, or your funds.

Fort Mifflin on the Delaware

Fort Mifflin Road

Philadelphia, PA  19153

(215) 685-4167


Olde Fort Mifflin Historical Society

edkane@comcast.net (Ed)

(215) 382-1719 (Jim & Isabel)

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The Delaware River, September 19, 2003 - the day after Hurricane Isabel passed through Pennsylvania


The Delaware River, September 19, 2003 - the day after Hurricane Isabel passed through Pennsylvania


BEFORE - Officer's & Soldier's Barracks, Bathrooms and Armory


AFTER - Officer's & Soldier's Barracks, Bathrooms and Armory


BEFORE - Blacksmith's Shop


AFTER - Blacksmith's Shop


BEFORE - Casemate 1 during Fright Fest


AFTER - Casemate 1


BEFORE - Hallway to Casemates 2 through 5


AFTER - Hallway to Casemates 2 through 5


BEFORE - Main Gate to Fort & Bridge


AFTER - Main Gate to Fort & Bridge


AFTER - Casemate 5


AFTER - Artillery Shed


AFTER - Parking Lot and Hospital (Administration) Building


AFTER - Entry to Hospital (Administration) Building


AFTER - The water almost reaches Dori's Memorial


AFTER - Stairs and bottom floor of the  Hospital (Administration) Building


AFTER - Fireplace in Officer's Barracks


AFTER - Main Sally Port into Fort


AFTER - Interior of Blacksmith's Shop


AFTER - Entryway to bathrooms


All AFTER pictures on this page compliments of Wayne & Lorraine

All BEFORE pictures on this page from unit archives


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