Significant Past Events - Moland House, Pennsylvania 2004

     On August 21, 1777 the 19 year old French Marquis de Lafayette participated in a Council of War convened by General George Washington, Commander in Chief of the American Army. This was the first time Lafayette participated in an official function of the American Army. Here also Lafayette and general Washington had a conversation that the Marquis would refer to for the rest of his life as "The Great Conversation".  The friendship that developed as a result of that meeting played a major role in the formation of the French-American Alliance and significantly influenced the outcome of our struggle for independence.

     The Moland House was George Washington's headquarters from August 10, 1777 to August 23, 1777, where the Marquis de Lafayette and Count Casimir Pulaski joined the American Revolution, and the American Flag was said to have first flown.

     The was the first visit of the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment to this historic location, to participate in the dedication of the house being reopened after extensive restoration.


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The Lafayette plaque

The Polaski plaque

Welcome to Moland House

The front of the house

Sean, Bill and John enjoy lunch

New member Chuck, already the seasoned reenactor

Will and David battle wits in a game of chess

Welcome new member Tim

The grand parade in the rain

David plays ensign and carries the Betsy Ross flag

Members of the 11th march in the rain

Will fills in as drummer

Chuck and David as ensigns

The long dedication in the rain

The dignitaries enjoy dry cover

Afterwards, John and Noah enjoy conversation

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