Significant Past Events - Battle of Monmouth

by the Discovery Channel - 2002

     As the 225th anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth loomed on the horizon, the Discovery Channel was engaged to shoot a documentary covering the history of this historic battle.  Reenactors were needed and several members of the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment answered the call.

     Russ Richards, of Historical Extras, contracted Charles W., Bill T., Justin B., James B., John C., Chuck B., Wayne and David A. to participate in the weekend long shoot.  We were joined by several members from the 1st and 2nd NJ, along with Proctors and Mott's Artillery.  We apologize for not having pictures of John C., but all these shots were taken on Sunday and John was absent that day.

     Dean Malissa portrayed General George Washington and Stacy Roth portrayed Molly Pitcher.  We first met Dean two years ago at our first appearance at the Jewish Museum in Philadelphia.  .  The documentary aired in June of 2003 in honor of the 225th anniversary of the battle.


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General Washington surveys the field at sunrise

"Dead" troops emerge from makeup

Charles is hamming up this dead stuff

Group photo #1

Father and son from the 64th Regiment of Foot

Washington, James and two Redcoats

Bill is joined by friendly loyalist Lou

Justin poses for a great morning shot

Washington's horse

Father and son

Wayne and David

Hey, isn't that Molly Pitcher?

David gets the camera as he loots the dead

Group photo #2

Discussing the next shot at the camera feeds 

Washington confers with Molly

"I think you got the point.  You were definitely sharp to pick that up.  Being a little on edge, I confess."  says Wayne

James takes a nap

British troops retreat through a fence break

... quickly followed by firing Continentals

Charging over the fence

Chuck, James and Charles bring up the rear

Joseph Plum Martin fires his musket in the foreground

James is way too much into this

18th century clothes, 19th century weapon, 20th century flak vest and helmet ... he's SOOOO confused !!

Our new cult hero ... Timewarp Bill

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