Movie Magic

     Every now and then, we take video clips at various events and add them to that particular event page.  Here we provide a one-stop-shopping place for all your movie needs.  Enjoy.

Click on the thumbnail to see the movie

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320 Kb

Shooting demonstration at Fort Mifflin

1.31 Mb

Meadowood Music plays SIMPLE GIFTS

732 Kb

The 11th PA fires by section on the enemy

1.31 Mb

Firing a salute at Washington's Crossing

893 Kb

This is a BIG cannon

(You just can't appreciate

the HUGE bang this makes)

1.3 Mb

Playing catch with the kids

(Using tennis balls - not iron)

764 Kb

Playing catch - from

another view

1.34 Mb

Reading the names of the Germantown fallen

1.34 Mb

Firing a ceremonial salute to the fallen of Germantown

1.34 Mb

Charging the Chew House



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