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( From the Quebec2004 website [no longer active])

     The year is 1779. The fortunes of the British in America under General Clinton have taken a turn for the worse in the North. In the fall of 1777, General Burgoyne surrendered an army of nearly 5,000 soldiers at Saratoga. Shortly thereafter, our French allies not only openly recognized our United States, but sent troops and ships to help us drive the British out.

     With this change in fortunes, General Clinton has been forced to send a sizeable force to the Caribbean to fight the French. He also withdrew his forces from Philadelphia, leaving New York City and Newport the only true British bases in the North.

     Taking advantage of this change in fortunes, Congress authorized an invasion of Canada to drive the British from Canada and complete the efforts undertaken in 1775. Major General Lafayette was authorized in 1778 to assemble a force to drive north into Canada, but it was decided upon further review to put the invasion on hold until better conditions existed.

     It is now the summer of 1779 and General Washington has decided that the conditions now favor an invasion. General La Fayette assembled a force of continentals, New York and New England militia, a train of artillery, and even some of the troops sent by the French King under our new alliance.

     We have made rapid progress as the British commander in Canada, Governor General Sir Frederick Haldimand has withdrawn his forces before us at St. John's and Chambly. At Montreal, he made a stand but was defeated by our army.

     General Haldimand has broken off all contact since the battle at Montreal. It is believed that he is attempting to make his way to Québec where there is a small garrison of British regulars and Canadian militia. General Lafayette believes our best hope now lies in a rapid advance to Québec in order to cut General Haldimand off from the city. Our advance corps has been detached and quickly advanced to Trois Riviers. The commander of our Corps has just received additional orders from General Lafayette.

     The General has been beat and the tents struck. Come my Brave Heroes and join me in the defense of our liberties as we drive the British from their final hold on Canada!!!

    What can be said about this event?  It only comes around every five years or so, and is one of the very few "road trip" international events that we have.  When it comes around, everyone is eager to get into the fray.  This year was no different, but mother nature did her best to keep our spirits as damp as the weather was wet.  Fortunately, everything dried out on Sunday, and a huge battle was had, witnessed by tens of thousand of spectators.


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This was truly impressive

Aerial view of Quebec, the Plains of Abraham and the old city from a postcard - compliments of Justin

Satellite view of historic Quebec

Can you spot the 11th PA / 24th CMR camp?

Aerial view of the American camp from the overlooking hotel

What is this strange currency?

The unit fly on it's international debut

A view of the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac from the hillside

Old City Quebec

A cannonball had a tree grow around it

The Montcalm Statue

Nah, the streets aren't steep at all

The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac from the bottom of the hill

The boys have grown a little since 2000

Marge and Steven enjoy the sun before the rains came

Justin chops wood to cook dinner

The morning fife and drum march

Everyone retreats to the fly as it starts to rain

Justin finds comfort with pipe and blanket as the temperature drops

Katie is drenched, but still manages a smile

... even Soeur dropped by

Justin likes it better on the ground

Gene and Jeff resort to jokes to keep occupied

The clouds drop down to the trees

Gene hugs his beloved kids

Jeff and Mitch keep dry under the monster fly

Charles always has to have a picture taken with a cute lady

Donah in a playful mood

Charles again, this time with Lise

James, Justin and Charles just before the battle

The artillery kicks off the battle

Indians make their presence known

Jeff maneuvers the troops into position

Just a FEW spectators

The British push the American line back

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