The Real Deal: Documented Members of the 11th PA. Regt.

     This page is dedicated to the REAL men and women who served in the original 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, between October, 1776 to July, 1778.  Contained on this page are our hallowed dead, the TRUE heroes of whom we portray.

Group Listings

Valley Forge Muster Roll

Valley Forge Listing for 11th Pennsylvania Regiment

Individual Listings

John Dye (Listing 5F3B)

Samuel Dewees, Fifer

Francis Gurney, Lieutenant Colonel

Edward Evans, Private (Listing 5F3F)

Peter Jones, Lieutenant (Valley Forge Muster Roll PA01311)

Peter Jones, Lieutenant (Additional Information)

Caleb North, Major - Lieutenant Colonel

Richard Humptom, Lieutenant Colonel (Regimental Commander)

Mount Pleasant estate once owned by Richard Humpton

Nicholas Sipprill, Private (Certificate 67566)

Nicholas Sipprill, Private (Discharge Certificate)

Revolutionary War Photos

The Last Men of the Revolution

Real modern-day Veterans

Unit members who served in the modern era military


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