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Battle of Saratoga - 2002

     Sometimes, even making the title bigger just does not do justice to the event we witnessed the weekend of October 12 - 13, 2002.  Everything about this event was grand, and even the salty old timers from the Bicentennial days admit this one was huge.  Everyone has heard of those Magic Moments, when everything just seemed as close as possible to have actually been there. Even though we outnumbered the British by roughly 20%, it was still awe inspiring to see a continuous line of red crossing the horizon as they marched out, then filling the entire battlefield from left to right as we advanced to engage them.  Never had we seen so many regulars, Highlanders and Hessians at one time.  It was as if we had been transported back to October of 1777 to engage General Johnny Burgoyne's redcoat army.

     Many special thanks to Kristy, who spent several hours "digitizing" out the press and photographers that seemed to infect every battle picture.  Due to her superb efforts, we are pleased to present you battle pictures that are virtually untouched by modern distractions.

     Here are the official numbers from their website ...

Continentals Numbers












Men Under Arms



Camp Followers





Crown Numbers










Official Grand Total - 3,103

Total On-field - 2,143


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This was truly impressive

180 degree panoramic of the grand Continental encampment - this is only the back line of tent row

Don't let the expression fool you ... the food tasted great

Randy chews into breakfast

Randy already has his beverage of choice

John is happy that water is heating for coffee

" QUICK ... get a pot brewing !!! "

John doesn't function without coffee

... and a fine musket it is, too !!!

John, James, Mitch and Justin with 

THE Patrick O'Kelley and his MUSKET

Chris watches on the far right

Alan brings a special gift to James from England ...

This is a really NICE coin

The 50th Anniversary Coronation Crown of Queen Elizabeth

Where is the Purple Pumpernickel ?

Laura and Rex put out the artillery to head for battle

Hey Chuck ... no polyester?

Members of the 11th and the German Regiment await the march out

Justin enjoyed this WAY too much

Randy, John, Justin and Jay smile as we still wait to engage the enemy

Paul Hutchins as Benedict Arnold on his white charger

 Benedict Arnold with the 11th PA behind him

The British camp is visible in the background

Marching out to face the British

The right presses the enemy

" Hi MITCH !!! "

The left side engages the Highlanders

Our ragged line was impressive coming over the hill

The Continental Line at seen by the British center

There was a LOT of red

The British line advances

Hessians wait for the artillery to soften the enemy lines

This is an impressive panoramic of over 200 troops

The main center of the Continental Line 

There was a LOT of burning powder

The main element advances

Arnold presses the artillery into action

Rallying the troops onward

Before and after montage of the Line firing

Corp volleys kicked BUTT !!!

Panoramic of preparation for a Corp volley

" I fart in your general direction !!! "

The Hessians were so close we could smell them

The British line eventually was defeated

... and thus the battle was won

A cease fire for a formal parlay

Visit the OFFICIAL Saratoga Reenactment website ...

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