Recent Activities - Battle of Trenton

     When General George Washington crossed the partially frozen Delaware River on December 25, 1776, with what was left of his meager army and subsequently marched on Hessian and British forces at both Trenton and Princeton, NJ it was a psychological victory and turning point in the American Revolution.  Without it, support for the cause would have floundered, and the revolution would have died in its infancy.


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- - - 2005, January - - -

John Posch's final event

Members of the 11th gather

at the Old Barracks in Trenton


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- - - 2003 - - -

Boy are those some glum faces

The small contingent of the

11th Pennsylvania Regiment

(Photo courtesy of Joe Ryan)


- - - 2001 - - -

Are those real Hessians?

Yup ... real Hessians

Hey, those look like comfortable beds

Forming up the enemy troops

Fires keep everyone warm in the bitter cold

It's getting busy here

British & Redcoats together ... say it isn't so!

The turnout for this event was impressive

Firing on those blasted Hessians

Maneuvering on the field

After a fierce battle, there's nothing like a warm fire

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