Weapons of the American Revolution

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CLICK HERE to watch the 11th PA pound the British lines

Click the picture to download a Quick-Time

movie of a musket firing demonstration


Click on the weapon of your choice to learn more


So, just what the heck is a flintlock?  How do you lock a flint?

CLICK HERE to visit a linked site by Brad Finch on flintlock basics


British Second Model Brown Bess (Pictured is 1762 lock by Grice [Pedersoli])

Brown Bess - Britain



French 1763 Léger (1766) Charleville

Charleville - France



Dutch Weapons of the American Revolution

Dutch Weapons of the American Revolution (by George Neumann)


LINKED SITE - American Made Muskets of the American Revolution (by George Neumann)

Kentucky Long Rifle - American



Ferguson's Breech-loading Rifle

Ferguson's Breech-loading Rifle



Coming Soon



Coming Soon



Coming Soon



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